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If you are a Fair Havens Season Siter, thank you for visiting your web site. If you are not, thank you for dropping by, and feel free to look around. Using the Links on the Left Side, you can find information about all the 2016 Summer Events which are sponsored by the Season Site Committee.

NOTE: This site is updated on a regular basis. When you visit a page, Refresh it to be sure you are looking at the newest version.

To learn more about the Season Site Committee, click "About Us" in the link above.

To contact the Season Site Committee, or to fill in our questionnaire, click on "Contact Us" above.

You can also download posters, flyers, Season Site handbook, Policies, and other relevant documents directly from this web site.

John Ashton has written and recorded a Fair Havens Song called "My Fair Havens" Listen here!
You can also get the words here.

New Maintenance Compound and Campground Access Policies

Fair Havens has "fallen behind" in some areas of Ontario Campground Standards and Safety Policies. In order to correct this, there are two new policies in place. You can find them in the download section on this web site.

2017 Work Weeks

April 24-28
May 15-19
June 5-9
September 18-22
October 2-6
October 23-27

NOTE: Please inform the office ahead of time if you plan to take part in a work week.


Event Bulletin BoardBulletin Board

See the Bulletin Board mounted on the wall outside the office. You will find current information posted there.




Electrical System Upgrade


You have probably all heard by now that Fair Havens Electrical System is obsolete and inadequate. We need to do an expensive upgrade soon.
Find out more about this and what we can all do to help.

Learn More




We have added Photos of Fair Havens events. Have a look!!




Our 2017 Main Auction will be held at the Pavilion on Saturday August 5 right after the BBQ. Additional Silent Auctions will be held in Irwin Chapel on July 31-August 1, and August 3-4.


Visit our Auction page for more information.




Annual fairChristmas

On Wednesday July 19, we will have our Annual Fair.

Click here for details.





Season Site Directories

Season Siters photo directories include Colour Photos of your fellow Season Siters to assist us in identifying each other. Also included are Email addresses which are not in the Fair Havens directory.

If your photo is not in the directory yet, please see Frank Crampton (site 612) or Darryl Chapman (site 123) to make arrangements to have your photo taken (head & shoulders  - children not included).

The Photo Directories are now included in your Season Site fee, and one copy will be delivered to you in person or to your site prior to the commencement of the Summer Conference.

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