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Fair Havens Fund Raising Auction - August 3, 2019

If you plan to come to the Saturday Auction, please Click Here to Register.


Event Details

Monday July 29 - Saturday August 3 - Annual Fund Raising Silent Auction Week

We start the week off with Silent Auctions in Irwin Chapel.

The first one starts Monday morning (July 290) and closes Tuesday morning (July 30). The second one starts Thursday morning (August 1) and closes Friday morning (August 2). We usually have about 40 - 60 items in each of these Silent Auctions.

You do not need a registration number for the Irwin Auctions, but you must be present immediately after they close to pick up your items.

We can accept Cash, Cheque and Credit Card Payments at the Irwin Auctions. We cannot accept Debit however in Irwin.

Main Auction Saturday August 3

Our Annual Fair Havens Fund raising Main Auction will be held on Saturday August 3, in the big tent near the Pavilion starting at 6:30, right after the BBQ.

Registration and Viewing is from 2:00 to 4:45 pm. Please register for your bidder card number before 4:45 pm on Saturday. Better still - register on-line or at the Irwin Auction before August 3.

The Saturday Silent Auction starts at 2 pm. Part of the Silent Auction ends at 5:00 and part at 5:30. You must have a registration number for this silent auction. We usually have about 100 items in this Silent Auction.

The Live Auction begins at 6:30 sharp in the big tent. We usually have over 50 items for the Live Auction. It will likely end about 8:00 pm.

Checkout will open after the Live Auction has finished. Early checkout may be available for people who must leave early, but not until data from both Silent Auctions have been processed and Live Auction data is up to date. Data Entry must take precedence over checkout, otherwise we run into serious problems.

Payment for these Saturday Auctions can be made in Cash, Cheque, Credit or Debit.

Contributing items for the auction:

Ask business owners you know (outside of Beaverton and this local area) for high quality merchandise for the auction.

If you are contributing items for the auction, please bring them to Frank & Laura Crampton's trailer, site # 612, between July 1 and July 26th. Provide the donor’s name, (or business name and address and contact name) and the estimated resale value of each item.

Please download this Item Donation Form, fill it in, and bring it with your donations.

2019 Fund Raising Projects

Yet to be determined


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