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What is the Picture? Nikola Tesla in one of his Laboratories with his Tesla Coil.

We have Nikola Tesla to thank for our world wide electrical generating and distribution systems and also for many other things we take for granted such as x-ray, radio communication, fluorescent lights, remote control and more.
If you want to learn more, search Nikola Tesla on the Internet.

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Electrical Upgrade News - Where do we fit in?

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Nikola Tesla's wanted to provide Free Electrical Energy, wirelessly distributed to everyone. Unfortunately for the general public, business didn't fully agree with the idea. They did however use his Generators and Transformers to produce and distribute the power we all use.

That leaves us "tied to the grid". Fair Havens connection to the electrical grid is old and obsolete. Hydro has told us that we need to upgrade our Electrical System to 3-phase with new transformers and wiring. They haven't actually given us a deadline, but they might do so very soon. Even if we were not forced to upgrade, we really need to do it anyway.

The actual cost of the major upgrade has not been fully established. It is believed to be a minimum of $150,000, probably more. Fair Havens is already in the process of raising money for it. In addition to this, the Riverside electrical needs to be replaced. This could cost an additional $60,000 or more.

We as season siters are major users of electricity at Fair Havens. For most of us, this is our second home. Any time we need repairs or upgrades for our home, we do them. If our roof leaks, we fix it. Is this any different? We need to fix the electrical system for the camp, shouldn't we all do our part as best we can?

Although some money has already been raised, we need a lot more. There are about 108 Season Site Trailers at the camp. If we each contributed $1,000 that would likely do at least most of the major upgrade. I know some of us have already given to the project, maybe even more than that amount. Some of us maybe can't give $1,000, but others can give more. Shouldn't we all do what we can?

How else can we help?

Something we can all easily do, is reduce our electrical consumption. This will help Fair Havens now as well as in the future. It may also avoid the need for all of us to have individual Hydro Meters.

For example:

- Change all your lights to LED or Compact Fluorescent. Either will reduce power consumption considerably over Incandescent and Halogen lights. It will also reduce the temperature inside the trailer.

- Turn off your lights when you are not in your trailer. Turn off the outside ones too if you are away.

- If your windows are open, turn off your Air Conditioning.

- Turn off your Air Conditioning if you are away from your trailer.

- Turn off your Electric Water Heater if you are away for a few days.

- If you have a Propane option for your Water Heater, use it. It is a lot cheaper than electricity, and much quicker.

- If you have a Propane Furnace, use it to at least help heat your trailer, especially on cold nights. Electricity is a more expensive way to heat.

- Think of other ways you can save energy.

What do we know at this point in time?

I asked a few questions about the current thoughts regarding the electrical situation, and here are the answers. Please keep in mind that nothing has been finalized yet so the details are subject to change.

1) I know we are throwing around $100, 000 but how much do you think it will likely cost?
This is hard to answer because we don't have a good handle on what ultimately needs to be addressed. This will be an ongoing issue for a while. The office feed fix was part 1 and is completed.
Part 2 will include a new 3 phase feed, new poles and lines to carry that power, terminating at a dispersion point between Irwin and Heritage. Some take-offs will be made from that new feed as drop off points along the way. We haven't been given prices of all aspects of this, but are assuming the cost will be between $150-200k.

2) When do you think it will need to be done?
We thought we might be pressured to do it this spring. That didn't happen. The goal would be to aim for a late November date. We know that we could be without power for up to a week and want to protect the retreat business. That timing would put us ahead of mandatory heating season and after the bulk of retreats.

3) How much money has been raised so far?
So far the funds received towards this project are about $75,000. 

4) How much does our Electricity cost per year now?
Annual electricity costs are in the neighbourhood of $200,000-220,000

5) Will the upgrade reduce the Electricity cost?
Part 2 will provide stronger supplies to many key points which should alleviate wear and tear on compressors, and improve operations and reduce maintenance costs, but not necessarily reduce power costs.
6) What about Riverside?
Part 3 of the electrical issues would be the clean up of the Riverside situation. The overhead wires are dangerously low and often clipped by trucks, the panels need to be upgraded and are a mess, the pole and transformer is overloaded and way past its prime, and we are only getting a portion of the value from the generator there, so that could be improved drastically. The project will likely involve a new pad mount transformer and underground wiring to Riverside and Heritage. Timeline for this is likely a year after Part 2. Costs could be $60,000-100,000 with all sorts of potential surprises.


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